ChangeNOW令牌(全国妇女组织)在美国东部时间6月19日下午18:00结束的24小时内,人民币兑美元汇率上涨17.7%。 ChangeNOW令牌 总市值为344万美元,在过去24小时内,在交易所交易了价值约1543.00美元的ChangeNOW代币。上周,ChangeNOW代币兑美元下跌23.5%。一枚ChangeNOW代币现在可以在主要加密货币交易所以0.0407美元或0.00000200 BTC的价格购买。


  • JUMPN(JST)兑美元下跌54%,目前收于5.46美元或0.00018651 BTC。
  • Bitsubishi(BITSU)兑美元下跌24.1%,目前收于302.80美元或0.01486657 BTC。
  • 特瑟(USDT)兑美元上涨0%,目前的交易价格为1.00美元或0.00004904 BTC。
  • CV Shot(CVSHOT)兑美元下跌18.5%,目前收于21.97美元或0.00110078 BTC。
  • Sweet SOL(SSOL)兑美元上涨600.9%,目前的交易价格为0.0001美元或0.00000000 BTC。
  • 塔里世界(Tari World)兑美元下跌0.1%,目前收于18.35美元或0.00090097 BTC。
  • 包裹型卡达诺(WADA)兑美元上涨7%,目前收于0.48美元或0.00002356 BTC。
  • XRP(XRP)兑美元上涨6.6%,目前的交易价格为0.33美元或0.00001603 BTC。
  • Lido stETH(stETH)兑美元下跌0.6%,目前收于2947.45美元或0.07417648 BTC。
  • 网关协议(GWP)兑美元下跌2%,目前收于2.62美元或0.00012840 BTC。

ChangeNOW Token Profile

ChangeNOW Token’s total supply is 199,763,510 coins and its circulating supply is 84,558,980 coins. ChangeNOW Token’s official Twitter account is @ChangeNOW_io and its Facebook page is accessible here. The Reddit community for ChangeNOW Token is

According to CryptoCompare, “ChangeNOW platform provides users with simple and convenient crypto swaps of more than 160 cryptos and offers an open access API with two flows, a fixed rate flow and a standard one, which is already used by many prominent partners. Besides, there’s a payment processing solution, a Lightning Network node, and token swap service. NOW Token is a token created by ChangeNOW instant swap platform. NOW serves as an internal currency for the whole range of NOW products. On April 23rd 2019, 50% of the NOW Token emission has been burnt on the Ethereum Blockchain and released on the Binance Mainnet. The 100 million tokens that will remain on the Ethereum blockchain will, of course, be swappable to the Binance chain tokens at 1:1 rate through NOW Swaps – however, our holders are free to keep them and use them as they are. Please, click here to access the 100 million ERC-20 tokens Blockexplorer. “

Buying and Selling ChangeNOW Token

It is usually not presently possible to purchase alternative cryptocurrencies such as ChangeNOW Token directly using US dollars. Investors seeking to acquire ChangeNOW Token should first purchase Ethereum or Bitcoin using an exchange that deals in US dollars such as GDAX, Coinbase or Gemini. Investors can then use their newly-acquired Ethereum or Bitcoin to purchase ChangeNOW Token using one of the exchanges listed above.

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